Mama, Bubu & Me by Katharina Ruhm – exhibition at GROTTO

Mama, Bubu & Me by Katharina Ruhm – exhibition at GROTTO

February 8 – 22 2024, Mama, Bubu & Me by Katharina Ruhm, Yael Esti Mor and Maidje Meergans at GROTTO, Berlin

image 1, 7, 9 & 10: Maidje Meergans
image 3 & 5: Lukas Städler
image 2, 4, 6, 8, 11: GROTTO

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Art direction and production: Katharina Ruhm
Camera, direction: Maidje Meergans
Screenwriting: Yael Esti Mor and Katharina Ruhm
Set designer: Katharina Ruhm
Construction coordinator: Clemens Behr
Post-production: Yael Esti Mor and Guy Kohavi
Music by: Guy Kohavi
Costume design: Florian Winges
Makeup: Anri Omori
Hair: Koseku Ikeuchi
Scene photography: Maidje Meergans
BTS photography: Lukas Städler

'Dr. Enly is there such thing as insanity around penguins? I try to avoid the definition of insanity or derangement. I don’t mean that a penguin might believe he or she is Lenin or Napoleon Bonaparte. But could they just go crazy because they had enough of their colony?'

'Um, well I never seen a penguin bashing its head against a rock. Um, they do get disoriented. They end up in places they shouldn’t be a long way from the ocean.'

These penguins heading all to the open water to the right. But one of them caught our eye. The one in the center he would neither go towards the feeding grounds at the edge of the ice nor return to the colony. Shortly afterwards we saw him heading straight towards the mountains some 70km away.
Dr. Enly explained that even if he caught him and brought him back to the colony, he
would immediately head right back for the mountains. But why?

From: Encounters at the End of the World by Werner Herzog